Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I want to show you this

A message to someone for their first time on acid. 

 We will have this time together, and it will always be special. Your first time. Your first psychedelic experience. Nothing will ever replace this. The memory will grow and grow, you will understand more and more of it as time go on.

We are here together in this place, a dimension just for us two. You can come here by yourself in the future. It will always be here for you. The wonder and the glory. I will show you the way. You will learn to navigate it by yourself. Anything is possible here. Divine bliss, the breath of Shiva, the glow of the transcendental light. This is my gift to you. The universe is made of love, let it flow through you.

I will cleanse your spirit. Make you anew. I will tear down everything. Take everything away. Just close your eyes and let it go. All concepts, all judgements, all biases. I will show things the way they were they really are. Pure perception. It won't hurt, let me take you on a journey. I will take you through the stars. Show you the light that burns with the force of a nuclear explosion. Kundalini. I will fill your body with the energy of life. Lightening on your skin, fire in your eyes. I can blow your body away with the intergalactic winds. I will dissolve everything.

Then everything will be new. The world will be your playground while you are in this state of grace. Everything will be different, don't worry if you can't explain it now. Explore the world with your new senses. You have the ears to hear and the eyes to see. Everything is beautiful. Enjoy your time here.

This will change you. We will reconstruct the world. From the outside you will see the patterns, of thought, of society, of yourself. You will understand our motivations and how this world has evolved. The emergent outcome of each of our choices. You will know that life is sacred. You will see how we all the same, every consciousness the same but unique. The differences won't be obstacles, they will be what makes us special. (And here on the perimeter you will find the very special). You won't need me to tell you this. You will see it for yourself.

Keep this feeling. Take it into the world.

I wrote this when I was in the height of my psychedelic evangelist phase. I still stand behind it, but with a disclaimer. Be careful, acid is a very powerful drug, and you should be prepared for the consequences. I mean, you could end up like me.

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  1. Just stumbled across your blog. It's good reading, especially for a novice psychonaut such as myself. How are things now, 1 year on? What do you feel you have learned since the last post?

    I have to say that ketamin is not a drug I like very much, for me it has a very insular and slightly sinister feel to it. For me it feels like being in "the void", where nothing really makes sense or particularly has much meaning. I hope your mate J is ok and off that stuff, it can do irreversible damage to your stomach and kidneys with long-term use.

    Peace & love, hope you post again soon!